yo yo, this my website :P
I made this website because sometimes, ya just gotta scream out and yell. Also, I'm really fucking annoying and I want everything I say to be heard XD. Also, I wanted to participate in some of the old world internet, since I came on the scene right at it's tail end (about 2010-11ish) Also, I wanted to enjoy my last year being a real teenager, so I decided to do the most oldschool teenager shit ever, making a myspace page lulz
Like mitski said, dreaming costs money, my dear
I think I made this website as an outlet for all the things I say and think but can't truly say to anybody. Also, I like to write a lot, and it'd be nice if some people saw my writings.
shoutout tom, shoutout joe fasho fo da website layout :)
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Last Login: 08/12/2013
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